Prospect Machine is a Marketing and Sales Agency

We create and run marketing funnels to find new prospects for your business and follow up with leads to close a sale for you.

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Sales Funnel Implementation

We have found a possible client for you, what next? (Now we qualify them and book a telephone call or appointment) Time to Close t...

Marketing Funnel Implementation

Awareness is the same as Marketing (Because marketing builds awarenews about you and your business) Here is the exact process we will...

Training material

How to choose an SEO agency

If you have a website, you must be ready for SEO (search engine optimization).
This book will educate your business in how to differentiate good and bad advice that SEO professionals recommended, enabling you to ensure you have a proficient SEO expert right from the start.
(This book is for sale on Amazon for $9.25 but you can be informed about the skills required and how to find an SEO professional for free, here.)