Marketing Funnel Implementation

Awareness is the same as Marketing
(Because marketing builds awarenews about you and your business)
Here is the exact process we will go through to build Awareness for you:

Let's start with the awareness: This is how I partner with some of the great marketeers that I know (real hidden gems) that are dedicated and offer a high quality operation.

These are two big characteristics being dedicated and offering a high quality result.

We start by helping you to build a persona.

(If you would like to know more about what a persona is, I recommend taking your time to read and watch some online training because it is a lengthy subject and I would need a whole video to talk about that. Maybe I will record a video about that one day but I'm talking to business owners in this video - also MDs and entrepreneurs - so I'll present a high level picture. If you want more detailed information please let me know and I'll present to you I'll come to wherever you are in the world, face-to-face, and I'll present to you the steps we take to build personas and any other steps that you can see on this screen.)

The persona of building session will take between 8 and 16 hours per persona.

 (This is enough for smaller companies.)

Now, let's say you would like to invest in digital marketing to scale your business. What do you have to offer to these people? (To this target audience?)

I will build you a funnel where cold traffic comes in from one side and fully paid clients come out on the other.

However, as far as marketing goes I will need to create a fully branded landing page, with a/b testing and all, expressing your offer to these target audiences.

I have the knowledge the people and the tools to craft your funnel to these target audiences and when we have this funnel in place we will need to have a link to your CRM.

This is where most marketing agencies miss the trick.

I could go on and on with for each step expressing in the detailed elements of it, but if you want to have a presentation in more details scroll down this page and book a face-to-face meeting. I'll come to your office, or you come to mine, and I'll show you what we are doing for other people and how this prospect machine program is so unique.

The process of building your landing page is goes down until the point where we link it to your CRM which could be the one that we have - which is simple -, results can be demonstrated and managed in real time. (It is perfect to get the ball rolling fast.)

Now, if you have your own CRM, that's fine. We can integrate the landing page with your CRM. It might take more than 1 to 3 hours but we can talk about that.

For now, I will move on from this piece to this piece and talk about the advertising part now.

At this point you have an offer,
 you have personas, you have a landing page linked to your CRM, what do we need now? We need traffic!

How do we get people to see your landing page? Yes, you guessed it, we advertise the landing page!

There are lots of options to find your ideal client online paying pennies, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. (If you are serious about doing business online you will have to have a advertising strategy for each one of these channels.)

Now, all of them will have to be profitable at some point, and with the analytical tools that we use you can categorically say which ad is more profitable and what is the conversion rate of each one of them.

I have been managing marketing people and projects for a long time, so I know a campaign is going to be successful not just in the first few hours of running it, but for you, as a client, I want to show you where we are in the targets and goals that you have set for us in terms of sales and budget.

Once we have your digital channels set up and running and generating prospective leads every single day, then we can think about the next step which is the offline presence.

Here are some remarks about this type of marketing.

Some companies like the personal relationship and there is plenty of opportunities in events and business meetings and we can help harness clients from them.

These normally are smaller companies that are looking for a long-term relationship with service providers and people that they can rely upon.

Now to do this, we will need to have a brand ambassador.

This brand ambassador is the person who will be in those meetings week after week consistently (and the investment to hire one of those is so small you wouldn't believe it.)

Of course we will need to manage those ambassadors because the leads that they generate will have to go into the CRM and trigger the whole sales funnel.

(Once again, for more details please let me know.)