Sales Funnel Implementation

We have found a possible client for you, what next?
(Now we qualify them and book a telephone call or appointment)

Time to Close the Sale
(We build an ROI and a custom presentation to drive the sale to a successful closure)

Here is the exact process we run to build their Interest in your offer:

So at this point we have your marketing we have your products laid down in a landing page that is targeting your target audience and leads are coming into the system every day.

Now the sales begin.

We will call prospects to gather more information about them and their pain-points, and how we can address those pain-points with your services.

What are the gaps in their business that you, and only you, can fulfill and then we will move this person on to the next stage, which is this decision stage.

Now, we need to do this responsibly.

We will need to gather requirements, build presentations (custom made presentations for each customer), book a visit (or a conference call) and nail the ROI report.

Also, every single phone call needs to be recorded and notes taken in the CRM.

We will also need a true sales arsenal (e.g. a PDF showcasing your company and values, images, videos, infographics...) all to attract the prospect into the next stage of the process, which is the decision making.

So everything I said is laid down here with estimated times. Please take your time to read it, ok?

Once the prospect is moved into the decision part of the funnel, this is where we try to close the sale.

After we got the information after we build rapport with the prospect and have done a proper pre-sales job by showing your value through a professional ROI presentation now it is time for us to close the sale.

By that I mean where we will match our sales process to their buying process.

That is: objection handling, solution selling, pricing negotiations (always pre-approved by you)... this is a proper follow-up strategy that will take place.

The goal here is to get them to take action.

At this point I have showed you what your customer acquisition lifecycle will look like with the prospect machine.