About Us

The Prospect Machine was conceived from a dream of having a direct and no nonsense marketing and sales consulting business that would combine the knowledge of automating customer experience journeys and sales force management.

For a full profile, please take a look at our LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prospectmachine

A bit of history

Prospect Machine started and evolved very differently to other marketing and sales consulting businesses.

Some years ago, as a link building agency we managed to generate 200k unique visitors in a single month across all of our clients.

The market changed, we needed to evolve, and so we did.

Operating in the advertising and marketing space for few years we have created our own SaaS software to control and operate advert, build processes and systems from the ground up, created long-lasting reliable business relationships and connections.

We are now taking the next step for us, which is to go global and we are driving towards that goal.

Our ideal client is an established business that is looking to expand their business into Italy, Spain or Portugal. We can assist you in finding new prospects and opening those markets, providing you with potential new sales.

Expanding into new territories can be a little daunting, however it need not be so with out business to assist you every step of the way. Together with our management experience and your companies services and drive we believe we can create a partnership that is successful.

The vision is to create a platform to launch British companies into the global market with and ethical approach to marketing and sales.

The mission is establish a marketing and sales operation that simplifies your business expansion under one single service.

The goal is represent at least one company in each British County until November 2020, help businesses from more remote areas to find customers in London and vice-and-versa thus helping to improve equality and social mobility.